Planning Meets

*POLL CLOSED* Funtown/Splashtown Planning poll

Fidik is looking at planning another Funtown/Splashtown run.
Either Sunday July 10th, or Sunday July 17th. The meet would be be from 11-6PM, then dinner following.
The poll is up in the Telegram Chat pinned messages, so feel free to check it out, and choose the dates you would like.

Group Chats

Telegram Chat Stickers

“Bandit Is Sick Of The Chat Stickers!

Hey everyone! We are tired of the Vinn stickers being the Maine Furs Telegram chat stickers. They don’t represent the chat, are very generic, and none of the artists attributed are in the chat at all. We want to change this!

We’re going to replace the stickers with a Maine Furs sticker pack and we need your help! We’re going to need help coming up with ideas/poses/scenarios, artists to help make the stickers come to life, and people to help pay those artists (We don’t want anyone doing any work for free. Pay your artists).

If you would like to help the Maine Furs make the sticker pack happen, please PM Bandit on Telegram with whatever you’d like to do and They’ll figure out the details. We have ~200 slots for stickers, plenty of great artists, and a lot of fun ideas to play around with.”

Covid-19 Related

A Message from Maine Furs

Hey everybody!

Just a reminder that if you went to PortCon, are attending AnthroCon, or have been to any other group gathering to test yourself for COVID-19! Even if you don’t feel sick or have symptoms, asymptomatic spread is easy. Keep friends/family/yourself safe as the pandemic continues on.

The at-home tests are (relatively) reliable and widely available at local pharmacies. The test kits DO have an expiration date on them, so make sure your kits are in good condition and within their “best by” date. If you are having trouble sourcing them, reach out to any of the admins and we’ll make help you get squared away.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask the admin team on any platform. Stay safe!