🚨 State of Maine Data Breach 🚨

What Happened?

On May 31, 2023, the State of Maine became aware of a software vulnerability in MOVEit, a third-party file transfer tool owned by Progress Software and used by thousands of entities worldwide to send and receive data. The software vulnerability was exploited by a group of cybercriminals and allowed them to access and download files belonging to certain agencies in the State of Maine between May 28, 2023, and May 29, 2023.

Importantly, as it pertains to the State, this incident was specific and limited to Maine’s MOVEit server and did not impact any other State networks or systems.

The State of Maine has determined that this incident has impacted approximately 1.3 million individuals, with the type of data affected differing from person to person.

What information Was Involved?

The specific information involved in this incident varies based on the individual and their association with the State. However, the following types of information may have been involved: name, Social Security number (SSN), date of birth, driver’s license/state identification number, and taxpayer identification number. In addition, for some individuals, certain types of medical information and health insurance information may be involved.

How Do I Find Out if My Information Was Involved?

Individuals are encouraged to contact Maine’s dedicated call center to find out if their data was involved or if they have questions about this incident. The phone number is (877) 618-3659, with representatives available from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 9 PM ET. If it is determined that an individual’s Social Security number or taxpayer identification number is involved, the call center will provide the individual with a complimentary credit monitoring code.

(Complimentary for 2 years… so helpful but overall doesn’t help the fact if you information is sold on the dark web after that period, normally what happens, the states hands are washed)

Here is a link to the webpage with more information on the situation and what you can do.


CCS Mascots Fire Relief Fundraiser

Fire relief fundraiser for Craig Ames and family and CCS Mascots 💜.

Hey everyone, let’s show some support for our local friend and artist! Please check out the GoFundMe link above and donate whatever you can comfortably to make sure Radar/CCS is as comfortable and taken care of as possible during this time.

If you can’t donate directly, consider at least sharing the link and boosting the audience as far as we can!


Friday Night Pool Nights

So the schedule for the public pool changes on November 21 and the Friday night block will no longer be available. However, they have created open swim at the same time on Thursday nights every week except it is one hour shorter than usual. This should change back after the high school swimming season is over.

Who is OK with doing Thursday instead of Friday for a while? Or, should we just make tonight be the last one for a bit?