Hello, as you may know the state of Maine is proceeding with a long-term reopening of businesses and activities in an attempt to combat the health risks of COVID-19 and the economical hardships the pandemic has caused to Mainers. In accordance with the governors orders as of June 1 (Monday) gatherings of 50 or fewer people will be allowed.

With this news we are pleased to announce that we will allow the advertisement of local Maine fur meets once again. This is with great caution and understanding that COVID-19 has not gone away and you are urged to take every precaution to keep your fellow furs safe.

Cumberland County and York County have far more strict restrictions than other counties right now. Please remember to keep track of where your meet is to ensure the proper safety protocol is being followed. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to message me (or any of the admin team) here or in DM’s.

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